We offer the following Individual and Group Dental Plans:

Employers Dental Services (EDS) This is a pre-paid dental care organization that has been committed to delivering dental care at an affordable cost since 1974. The EDS individual plan offers comprehensive dental benefits at a LOW monthly cost. Advantages of this plan include, no deductibles, no yearly maximum, Orthodontic coverage for adults and children, discounted specialty care and more. You can choose your general dentist from one of Arizona's largest prepaid networks. EDS offers a wide range of benefits from cleanings to crowns.
The network of specialists include Endodontists, Oral Surgeons, Pediatric Dentists, Periodontists, and Prosthodontists.

Call 602-882-2587 for a detailed list of covered procedures and the related member costs. Enrollment is FAST and Easy.
No Waiting periods for Basic, Preventative or Major services, Coverage for Pre-existing Conditions, except procedures in progress.
Pennsylvania Life Insurance Company Supplemental Senior Dental Insurance) FACT: Seniors have a greater need for dental care than any other age group. We NEVER outgrow our need to visit the dentist. This is a different kind of dental plan. It is designed with the dental procedures seniors most
commonly need in mind. Some dental plan limit policyholders to unfamiliar network providers, require long waiting periods before you become eligible for basic services or offer limited coverage. Not so with Supplemental Senior Dental Insurance from Pennsylvania Life Insurance Company!

At a Glance: No network-use your own dentist, No copayment, No deductible, No application fee, Guaranteed issue for age 63 and over, Guaranteed renewable, Premiums won't increase due to age.

Call us today for a quote! 602-882-2587